DIRT RIDER MAGAZINE – TRAC-ON: Hidden Treasures And A History Of Nevada, Via Dirt Bike

By Jimmy Lewis

The state of Nevada brings a couple of very familiar iconic images. The glitter and lights of Las Vegas and even Reno and the polar opposite in the desolation and expanse of the desert. In fact, most people think of the Silver State as nothing but a big slab of desert with a few casinos scattered about. But there is so much more to it and some of the best dirt biking as well. Especially if you like your riding to be very diverse, from those fast and wide-open desert roads and trails to tight and technical single-track through the trees and high up in the mountains. Read more…

DIRT RIDER MAGAZINE – Riding Into Nevada’s History – Finding A Mother Lode of Trails and Ghost Towns

By Karel Kramer

I can’t say that I’ve ever been highly amused by a KTM speedometer before. Our group of five riders and three Trac-On support staff were clicking off roughly 35 mph atop a decommissioned 1870s railroad bed. This was on the final leg of the private, custom trail ride Trac-On calls the Treasure Hill Run. Mentally, Treasure Hill is like two rides in one. One aspect is four days of submerging the theater of your mind in the rough-and-tumble history and ghostly relics of East Central Nevada.  The physical parallel universe is the sensory overload of over 400 miles of amazing trails and roads that threads the old-timey stuff together. Read more…

DIRT RIDER MAGAZINE – Sibling Rivalry: KTM 300 vs. KTM 400 EXC

By Karel Kramer

We first headed for a new single-track trail-ride series in Nevada called Trac-On (702/232-6680); the dates are in the race calendar on Trac-On is organizing a series of five single-track trail rides a year.  Each is laid out and marked like a race, so you don’t need a maps, trail guides or route charts.  Just head off and ride at your own pace.  We attended the Nelson Hills event, just south of Las Vegas, and found it a good test of both bikes. With a variety of trails, elevation changes and terrain from soft sand to solid rock, it was like a race without the go-fast pressure. Read more…

DIRT BIKE MAGAZINE – RETURN TO TONOPAH: Mining for Trails in Central Nevada

By Ron Lawson

This year, Tonopah crept back on to the radar screen. But it wasn’t for a desert race. Daryl Folks, son of Casey and the man that runs the trail-ride organization called Trac-On, got BLM blessing for a two-day trail ride in the area. What makes Daryl’s ride interesting is that he mixes trail riding with local history and color. Before you say that sounds dull, consider the setting: you’ve just ridden 50 miles of twisting trail — will you really object to taking a break, kicking back in a 100 year old saloon, and hearing tales of Wyatt Earp? Read more…

DIRT BIKE MAGAZINE – Trac-On Mighty Mojave Adventure Ride

By Chuck Sun

Trail Boss Daryl Folks threw caution to the wind when he invited me to ride sweep on his Trac-On Adventure Tour’s Epic 3 day Mighty Mojave Adventure Ride. Riding bags stashed in the motorhome, a brief 30 minute drive from Sportsman Cycle KTM in Las Vegas, we arrived at the trailhead in Nelson Hills. When you think 3 day ride, visions of a scenic dual sport ride comes to mind.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but this was to be 3 days of single track shredding, technical ridge trails aboard exotic European off-road race bikes complete with electric start buttons to a bonus of the great views. Read more…


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