Battle Born 150



Battle Born 150 Flyer 2014

Battle Born 150


This ride is a two day ride of approximately 150 miles in length. It will always take place in Nevada and it’s location will always remain a mystery until I announce it’s location at the beginning of each year. One can always expect the ride to be the rockless, smooth flowing, heavily tree covered, high desert sagebrush terrain of the great basin. A mixture of single track, two track, sand wash at it’s finest for the A ride and two track, graded road for the B ride.

It is named after Nevada’s first slogan the Battle Born when Nevada was declared an official state by President Abe Lincoln right before the conclusion of the civil war in the 1860′s. Abe was looking for support¬†for the north around the western states so he established territories into states. It was given the name Battle Born for the lack of a better name and the fact that it was established around the Civil War battle. The name of the ride itself makes it synonymous with American history.

The ride being this time of year will most likely take place in the “Great Basin Desert”, the largest desert in North America. The ride from year to year will always change locations but may, for example, come back to the same location three or four years later. That’s not to say that the other two day¬†ride won’t be at a BB150 location two years later.

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